Mischievous Cats Causing Trouble For Their Hoomans And They Are Proud Of It!


Cats are super mischievous pets and there is no doubt about it. In fact, they don’t care what you think about them. You can shame them publicly for all the mischiefs they do and they still won’t change. Cats always follow their hearts and don’t need their hooman’s permission for anything. After all, this is something that they are really proud of.

Here are some mischievous cats causing trouble for their hoomans and being super proud of it. Have a look at these cats and you will also realize that they are super proud of their acts.


You have to take exact instructions from your cat. Anything less or more than that will leave you with scratches.


“These hoomans have their picture in every photo frame. I have to make some space for myself.”


“Hi doggo, I really like your cat. Can you please sleep in mine from now on? I would really appreciate it.”


You have no clue how cats can appear from anywhere at any time. Getting a cat is like installing secret cameras in your entire home.

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“Why does my hooman like to embarrass me publicly! Everyone has bad days. Just imagine what all I can put on that paper if it comes to all the nasty things that my hooman does.”


When your hoomans forget to make you a part of their pictures, this is what you do.


Why should dogs have all the fun! This cat is here to show all the dogs who is the real boss.


“My hoomans don’t let me invite snakes into the house. Only if I had the power to stop them from inviting their boring friends into the home, I would do it.”


“What are you staring at? I am just doing my usual stuff. You can focus on your work. I think you have got plenty of it.”


“What was I supposed to do? She wasn’t letting me go out! It’s all her mistake.”

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