10 Weird Cats That Are Completely Unpredictable


Cats are the most unpredictable pets that anyone could ever ask for. Get a cat and your life will be full of surprises. The felines make sure that your each day is different and eventful. They only like to repeat one thing and that is taking naps. Apart from that, they are completely unpredictable creatures. You can try your best and you will never be able to predict what they will do next. Cats are really good at keeping secrets. So if they don’t want you to know something, you will never get to know it.

Here are some weird cats that are completely unpredictable. Have a look!


“My cat loves to sit here and watch me while I cook. Maybe he is trying to learn the art himself so he doesn’t have to wake me up in the middle of the night.”


“This is where my cat hides every time my friends come over. He thinks they are totally crazy and I agree.”


This cat thinks that he is the chosen one.


When you open the fridge to get a drink and find a cat instead.

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Check twice before you lock it. There might be a cat inside.

We bet you wouldn’t have been able to guess any reason for why these cats are doing what they are. That is how they always like it to be. So you better focus on your task.


“My cat likes to drink tea. So every time he wants one, he brings us a tea bag from the kitchen. He is the smartest cat ever!”


When cats finally reveal how they manage to reach all the high places without any help.


Cats find it totally strange that their hoomans take long baths in water. For them, it is the most dangerous thing that their hoomans do.


Cats and comfort go hand in hand. One can’t exist without the other.


Making up for all the lost sleep during the exam time. How many of you do this?

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