10 Ungrateful Cats That Have No Use For Expensive Things


Cats are very reasonable and they don’t like to waste their time or efforts on silly things. If a feline wants something, it will do anything to get it. They know that it will make them or their hoomans utterly happy. But when it comes to making them happy, it is really simple, yet complicated at the same time. Cats do not value expensive things. For them, it’s the use of a product which is more valuable than anything else.

Here are some cats that will show you that they do not need expensive things and they are good without them.


“My cat gets really excited every time I get an empty box for him. He doesn’t need expensive gifts to make him happy.”


“My hooman got me a really expensive bed. But I am angry because it did not come in a huge box. So I choose to sleep on the floor instead as a mark of protest.”


When your cat knows the better use of a product and they show you what it’s really for.


“Got this cool cat bed for my cat, but it seems like he doesn’t like it.”

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No use of wasting your money buying products for your cat. They won’t use it even once.

Still, if you choose to get expensive gifts for your cats, their response will force you not to repeat it ever again.


Cats have no use for beds. They prefer to sleep on the floor instead or maybe huge empty boxes will do.


Can you find the cat in this picture? Is it where it should be? If you say yes, then you know cats very well.


“Why do hoomans keep on buying these stupid things called cat beds. There is no such thing as beds for us. We only need empty huge boxes.”


Never ever get expensive gifts for your cats. They have no use for it.


Let’s play find the cat. Also, don’t start with the obvious places. You won’t find them there.

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