10 Shameless Cats Believe That They Rule The World And It’s Hilarious


You agree or not, but cats rule the world. Ask any cat hooman about it and they will tell you in detail how their cat controls their life. It is the little things that the cats do show that they have complete control on their hooman’s life.

Here are some cats that believe that they are the true kings of this world and they don’t feel bad about it.


“Sitting on this box does magic every time. My hooman stops working immediately and cuddles me up in his arms.”


This cat is in the process of learning. You will soon his very first stitched cloth soon.


Taking a selfie without your cat is not possible. Either you take one with the cat or don’t take a selfie at all.


“You are not supposed to touch me without my permission. Take that hand away before I scratch it.”

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When your cat is sleeping at a place, you do not wake him up. That’s the cardinal rule of adopting a cat.

Look how recklessly cats rule their hooman’s life. A cat’s sleep is even more important than its hooman’s work. If their sleep is disturbed, your work will also be ruined. Cats have no shame when it comes to making their hoomans do what they want. After all, cats are the true rulers of their home.


“Hooman, this place is really cozy. Thank you for getting this!”


“Are you planning to go out without my permission? What do you have to do outside? It’s cold and stormy. You better stay in tonight.”


Whenever the cat gets scared, he hides somewhere he feels safe. He looks really adorable in this packet.


The cat was on catnip when he gave his hooman to get married. It looks like he is regretting it now.


When you try to hug your cat, but this is all he can do. “Why don’t you get the hint hooman? I don’t like hugs at all. Put me down!”

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