10 Pictures Show That Cats And Peace Can’t Co-exist


Life may be lot easier without cats, but it will also be way boring. Your felines may not let you sit peacefully even for a minute, but they also ensure that you are happy. Cat hoomans know that there isn’t a single day spent with cats when they haven’t laughed.

Here are some pictures that will show that cats and peace can’t exist together and it is totally hilarious.


When your cat gives you this smug expression, it is probably telling you that he has done what was supposed to be done. trouble awaits you.


“Hey! That’s my spot. Let me sit in the spotlight. Get out of my way now!”


Cats and their weird sitting positions never get old. We are never getting used to these.”


“I got a cat. Now I have my clothes looking like this. Cats have a different sense of fashion and they want you to follow it.”

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“Hi hooman, listen are you sleeping? I am hungry. Can you feed me now? Get up please. How is he still breathing. He should be up by now.”

You must know what cats are capable of before you get a cat. They can get into trouble all the time and need you to save them too. It’s not just that they are the ones who ensure that you are sane and happy. You have to do your part too which includes being a part of all their adventures.


This is every cat’s favorite spot and maybe the best part of the day too. They just like to sit and observe.”


“Is that what I look like? I need a haircut so badly. Why didn’t you tell me before, hooman!”


When you have got work you do, but you also have a cat to pet, this is how you work it out.


“My cat shows me different tricks of balancing every day. I don’t know what he is trying to tell me.”


“This is my cat’s favorite place to sleep. He takes ten naps a day here and looks totally adorable every time.”

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