10 Pics That Honestly Show What Life Is Like When You Get Yourself a Cat or 2


People may adopt pets and nothing major may change in their lives. But this is not the thing with cats. Once you adopt a cat, everything changes in your life. The felines are super controlling and they take charge of everything in their hooman’s life. Their won’t be much that would be left for you to do when a cat comes to your place. The felines like things to be their way and they don’t like it if their hoomans don’t listen. They immediately destroy everything that is not as per their liking.

Here are some pictures that honestly show what life is like when you get yourself a cat or two. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will know what life with cats look like!


Once a cat enters your life, there will be a new meaning of playing puzzle for you. When your cat asks you to play puzzle with him, this is what it means.


There are times when your cat wants to play with you and then there are times when you shouldn’t mess with it at all.


If you ever get late in giving food to your cats, this is how they will keep on staring at you till you finally feed them.


You are not allowed to interrupt your cats when they are busy looking outside the window. That is the most important thing for the cats. Everything else can wait.

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The elder ones in the family are supposed to bless the younger ones. It’s not just the humans, but cats do it too.


There will be a lot of weird things that you will get to witness when you will adopt cats. Don’t get surprised. It’s a very usual thing for cats.


Sitting inside a box is all that the cats really want to do. So instead of getting them any expensive gifts, just get a few empty boxes for them.


When your cat are sitting quietly and staring at you with a smile on their face, know that they have already messed up something that you need to take care of immediately.


Cats plan how to fool their hoomans all the time. It is right in front of your eyes.


Never ever touch your cat without its permission because it will surely bite you. Nothing hurts more than that.

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