10 Naughty Cats That Deserve Public Shaming


Sometimes cats can be really wicked. When such a situation occurs, their hoomans are left with no option but to shame them publicly. Some cats are too naughty that it would a sin not to share their pranks with the world. It’s always good to let the other cat hoomans know what the felines are capable of.

Here are some naughty cats that deserve public shaming.


“My hooman has been spending on the wrong thing all this while. How should I tell him that I am I love with bottles.”


Cats can get stressed over boyfriend issues too. It’s not just a human thing. So next time your cat is stressed, better check for this.


“These hoomans take too long to appreciate us for our achievements.”


“You should have seen this coming. I always warn you.”

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“It’s a little blingy, but I love it because my hooman got this for me.”

Do you think that these naughty cats deserve to be shamed publicly? What all pranks do your cats do? It’s not easy to deal with them. Sometimes cats get in huge trouble due to their actions. Their hoomans have to keep a close watch on them constantly. Leaving your cat alone is not a good idea. You can’t even imagine to what extent they can go when it comes to achieving their goals. They can be really wicked at times. But cat hoomans treat their cats like kids and love them infinitely.


“I know it will take some time, but she will take me back one day.”


Hiding is something that you can never beat a cat at.


This cat is taking full advantage of being a cat and why shouldn’t he. Being a cat is not easy.


When you tell your cat not to do something, he will definitely do it.


“It’s a ritual for every cat. Why don’t these hoomans understand. This is how we drive the demons away.”

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