10 Hilarious Examples Of Cat Logic That Will Make You Laugh Hard


Cats are the most superior of all pets and if you have any doubts about it, then you are at the right place. The felines spend most of their time contemplating their moves. If their logic is not good enough, then we are not sure who will fit into this category. Well, even if they are not right, cats are definitely hilarious at all times.

Here are some examples of cat logic that will make you laugh out loud. Have a look!


A cat can sit wherever it fits. So you better don’t leave open empty boxes around. It may be a big trouble getting them out from there later.


When your hooman gets you a new bed, you don’t sit on it. You have to sleep on the empty box of the bed. The bed is just a show piece and completely waste.


“Hooman, you have to start giving proper instructions to get proper results. It is not easy to do what a cat does.”


“I can’t understand why these hoomans keep giving me water in a bowl. I am capable enough to drink from a glass. See, I will show you.”

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This is called sharing that many people do not understand. It is easy this way as you can change positions anytime you want.

Are you satisfied with the cat logic yet or do you need some more explaining to do? We have some more examples of hilarious cat logic.


When you are tired from all the sleep and want to stretch before you get up.


Cat logic is the best logic. You don’t question them at all.


“My hooman is kinda stupid. He keeps on asking me weird questions.”


“Every time my cat drops something on the floor, he gets us a sponge to clean it and gives this apologetic look.”


What do most cats do when they are thirsty in the middle of the night? Just the most usual way to get some water.

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