10 Hilarious Cats Who Would Rather Sleep In Boxes Than In Beds


Cats have a strange sense of comfort. They can sleep in weird and uncomfortable places, but they won’t even step on the beds that cost you a lot. Clearly, the felines only wished for empty huge boxes. Who told you to get expensive beds for them. You should stop applying your mind and just listen to them for once.

Here are some cats that will show you why they refuse to sleep in their beds. Have a look and try to figure out why they do so.


Cats can sleep wherever it’s warm and comfortable. They don’t always need a bed.


The higher it is, the better the view is. Cats won’t always sleep where you want them to, so stop bothering.


What do cats do when it is super cold? They cuddle together and be pawsome.


This cat was bored of sleeping in the bed so he decided to hang out for a while. It looks like sleep is way more important.

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When your cat can’t decide is he is supposed to sleep in bed or fight with it, this is what he may end up doing.


Do you want your cat to sleep in his bed? Just put a box inside it and you will see magic happen. We bet your cat will refuse to move from there after that.


When your cat can’t believe that you got a huge bed for him and watches it from a distance so that it doesn’t disappear. “Is it for real? I love you, hooman!”


Only cats get the true meaning of a flowerbed.


When your cat prefers a box over the bed that you made for him, it really hurts. But then you can’t force your cat to do as you say.


Are you going to get a bed for your cat? You should simply get a huge box and put a blanket in it. Your cat will be happy sleeping in it rather than a fancy bed.

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