10 Hilarious Cats Who Act Like They Are People in “Fur Coats”


Cats may be really strange and unpredictable. But sometimes they are so relatable that you start thinking that what if they are people trapped in the wrong body. The felines always try to put logic into everything they do. Even though we can’t understand every reason behind their actions, there always exist some.

Here are some cats that will show you that they are trapped in the wrong body.


“I was just getting bored, so I decided to hang upside down for a while. Do you want to try this too, hooman?”


When you forget to feed your cat and he is waiting angrily for you to explain.


Just in time for the show. “Okay hooman, I am here. Let’s go get some food.”


When you get a new cat, but your other cat thinks that it is totally unnecessary. “The post was delivered at the wrong address. We are sending it back right away.”

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“I said no touching. What part of it didn’t you get? I am warning you. I will directly bite you next time.”

We know by now you are actually thinking that these cats should be humans instead. Their expressions say it all out loud and you just can’t help it. So next time you see your cat looking at you carefully, just know that something is not right. Where there is a feline, there has to be a mystery unsolved.


Even the doctor is a little scared of the situation right now. Please come back later.


“It’s getting really scary outside. Come hide in here with me.”


When you try to cuddle with your cat, but then he tells you why you shouldn’t even get near him. “Stay away hooman or I will scratch you really bad.”


“My cat doesn’t move till the time I get out of the bath.”


This year we will get to see all the unusual things including those things that are unusual for cats as well.

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