10 Hilarious Cat Tweets That Make Everyone Laugh (New Pics)


Cat lovers know that there ain’t a single day in their lives when they have not thought about cats. Felines are an essential part of their lives and just like that, cat tweets too. It’s important for the cat lovers than the news. Cats are hilarious creatures that love to keep everyone around them happy.

You know what cats love the most? It’s their hooman’s laughter and the look that they give when their cats have made a complete mess. Cats need to know that their hoomans are doing okay in life and they are not taking life too seriously. You need not very if you don’t have a cat because we have amazing cat tweets for everyone.


Cats may not have a superior intellect, but they still use their common sense very well. So better come prepared if you choose to argue with them.


Never ever plant catnip to escape mosquitoes. You may end up in bigger trouble.


In happiness and sorrow, these two cats are together furrever.


What was wrong with the medieval painters! Why did they do this to our pawsome cats?

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Maybe it is working very accurately and you don’t want to see the truth. Understanding cats can be very tricky.

Has that frown changed into a smile yet or not? We know it has, but we still got some more hilarious cat tweets for you. Cats keep us going in the tough times.


If your girlfriend has a cat, you have to keep the cat also happy. Else, you won’t get to the girl.


When you have a cat, you have to reprioritize everything in your life.


This cat got some pawsome makeup skills. Maybe his hooman should introduce him as a makeup artist now.


Only a pessimist cat can say this, the rest know that they have got nine lives. Maybe this is why they like to keep themselves entertained.


It’s alright cat. We understand it’s your first time. things will be better next time.

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