10 Experiences All Cat Hoomans Have Shared With Their Cats


Cat hoomans go through a million emotions with their cats. But here are a list of some feelings that they have experienced for sure. If you are a cat hooman, then check out how many have you experienced with your cat. It’s amazing how all the cat hoomans have such a unique relation with their cats. Yet they are similar in so many ways.

#1 Talking to your Cat

Every cat hooman has talked to their cat more than once and they are familiar of these cat expressions.

#2 Proud of your cat

Even though it can a be quite difficult to deal with all the cat mischief, you know you are super proud of them for being such amazing pets.

#3 Never lonely

If you live with a cat, you will never ever feel lonely. Cats are always there to support you. They have always got your back.

#4 Giving a million names to your cat

Even your cat gets confused at times, so try and stick to one or maybe two.

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#5 Being clingy

Cats may go on ignoring you for days and then there comes a time when they won’t even leave your side.

#6 Should I go out or stay inside?

Every cat is always in this dilemma. All you have to do is open the door ten times for them.

#7 Caring for you

Your cat gets really scared every time you take a bath. They think that you might drown.

#8 Sleeping in your bed

You can get a really expensive bed for your cat, but they will always prefer to sleep in yours.

#9 Adventure is in my veins.

Your cat may take ten naps a day, but they are super active too. We all are confused how they manage to be famous for both the activities.

#10 Staying at home is the best.

If you live with the cat, you will spend most of your time indoors. Who needs to go out when you have so much going on inside your home.

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