10 Cats Who Think They’re the Kings and Queens of the Universe


Cats are the kings and queens who truly rule our world. We may agree with it or not, but this is the truth. Now, the time has come that they start making use of their power. Even the cat owners agree that their entire world revolves around their cat. If their cat wants them to do something, they have to do it.  There is no other option.

Here are some pictures that show that cats are the true kings and queens of the earth.


The mystery of the half potted plant solved. This cat has been convicted of being too adorable.


When your cat finally gives your dog a chance to be his friend. “This is just a one day offer. You have to prove yourself. Only then, I will think of granting this friendship an extension.”


When the cat lord blessed you himself, you bow down and accept.


“I have to literally beg my cat to let me sleep in my bed. He is the true king of this house.”

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And the cat knows what’s best for everyone. “There was an issue with the design of this T-shirt. So this is how I corrected it.”

The felines very subtly subdue their hoomans and get them to agree. It is truly pawsome.


“Now that the water is gone, I can sit here for a while. Also, the hoomans have to know that I am out of water.”


“This is how our cat gives approval to our new choices. We didn’t know initially and now we find it really funny.”


“I heard you like the new dog in the house. I don’t like him at all and I want him to leave at once.”


“My cat in his true superhero avatar. This just suits him too well. We couldn’t get rid of it.”


“The first test of friendship is letting me sleep on your bed. Let’s see if you can clear it or not. Also, you need rest for the second test tomorrow. So get some sleep.”

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