10+ Cats Who Got A Funny Haircut Free With Their Surgery


Cats never liked going to vets and here’s why. It’s a fact that cats would suffer the pain, rather than going to vets. In fact, it’s not the injects or surgeries that these felines dread, but the hilarious haircuts that come along with them. If you have no clue about it, then you need to have a look at these cats who faced this situation. Even though we pity these cats, we couldn’t control our laughter. We bet you won’t be able to either.

#1 “Nothing goes right when we go to a vet. Look what he did to me. I am never going to a vet again.”

#2 “I was dreading the surgery, but this is way more scary. Why didn’t you warn me before?”

#3 “I got new boots. I find them pretty.”

#4 This cat’s hooman is glad that his kitty can’t see this. We wonder what the poor kitty would do after finding out.

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#5 The kitty is in a great shock. Well, we can’t understand your pain, but we wish you speedy recovery.

Cats have always been scared of going to the vets and they have all the more reason to do so. We really pity these cats, but they look pawsome anyways.

#6 This is the reason why cats don’t trust humans. After all, we will never know what cats think even after years of domesticating them.

#7 “Two years later and my cat still questions me for doing this to her.”

#8 The look of disappointment on a cat’s face. If you live with a cat, you all must have seen it at least once.

#9 Cats are all for creativity. They may not get easily impressed by humans, but boots have always amused them. At least, cats and humans have something in common.

#10 This kitty’s expression says it all.

#11 Never get innovative with your cat’s grooming or you may have to face something like this.

#12 “My cat keeps on hiding after she got a surgery and new haircut. I wonder what’s wrong.”

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