10 Cats Who Are Going Through Some Bad Days Of Their Lives


Everyone has good days and bad days. The majestic felines are no exception to this. Even though they are smart and funny, felines have their bad days too. You won’t have to do much to find out if the cats are having a bad day. It will be pretty evident from their expressions. If you want to see how cats look when they have bad days, then you need to have a look at this. It’s really difficult to imagine that cats can have bad days too.

Here are some cats having one of the worst days of their lives.


That moment when you can talk about delicious food, but can’t eat it. We completely understand you kitty.


“Is this why you brought me here? You wanted to see if I like snow or not? well, I totally hate it and never ever want to step out in snow again. Let’s go back inside the house now!”


When your cat and dog both want to sit in one place and finally come to an agreement, this is what happens.


“You are in my place. Get aside and let me have a better view.”

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What do you do when you are having a bad day? Just go out for a walk and see your mood change.

We know you all are also feeling pity for these cats. It’s horrible to see someone who makes you laugh so much in such condition. But even on their bad das, cats have not forgotten how to make us smile.


This cat is smart enough to make the right choice.


“Look at my necklace. Isn’t this beautiful!”


When you finish the food before your cat gets and opportunity to steal it. Just look at that face. This kitty seems truly disappointed.


“My hooman knows that I hate water, but he still gives me a bath every Sunday. I hate Sundays!”


“Why did you bring me along with you? I wanted to stay back and party with my friends. Just take me back!”

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