10 Cats That Don’t Bother Take Their Hooman’s Permission


Permission is a word that doesn’t exist in a cat’s dictionary. They have never heard of this word and even if they do, they won’t ever care about it. Permission must be take by a cat hooman and not the cats. Which ruler of the world takes permission from anyone? This would be really strange. Cats do a lot of strange things, but this one is definitely not on their list.

Have a look at these cats who don’t care to take their hooman’s permission and they are pawsome.


When you can’t breathe at night, check if there is a cat on your face. There’s a huge possibility this may happen if you are a cat hooman.


“I wanted to help you with Diwali decoration. I thought this might help.”


“No, it’s not what you think. I was just trying to get a closer view of the squirrels outside. Please take me out of here.”


“Hi hooman, I was looking for some clothes I could borrow for my Halloween costume, but nothing suits me more than these hangers. What do you think? Can you make something out of this?”

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If you have a cat and a dog, get two big beds instead of just one.


“So you left me alone at home? I thought I will have a little surprise ready for you.”


Cats can find the weirdest places and things to sit on. It would be better if you don’t open that puzzle box if you have a cat.


“Hooman, did you forget that you have a cat who is hungry? Maybe I should just break your phone. This maybe your last time, so enjoy.”


“Why didn’t you put this together before? It’s the most comfortable and warmest place in the house. Plus, I also have access to all the food here. I am not moving from here.”


Guess who returned to kill Jon Snow and claim the throne? None other than the one who truly deserved it. The cat lord! This is the ending that we all deserve.

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