10 Cats That Can’t Get Over Their Visit to the Vet


Cats hate it when it’s time to visit the vet. Well, we can’t blame the cats because even we don’t like to go to the doctor. But the weird things that cats do to escape the visit to the vet are totally hilarious.

Here are some cats that can’t get over their visit to the vet. Have a look at these pictures and we bet you won’t be able to stop laughing!


“Took my cat to the vet and got confused which one was mine. Now I am not sure if I got the right cat home.”


Every cat wears an invisible cape and crown. You just have to look carefully and you will know.”


When you finally convince your cat to accompany you on the vet and this is the only expression he has in every picture.


You should keep a watch on your cat when you take them to the vet. They can disappear within seconds and you won’t be able to find them for hours.

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“My cat is trying to fit into this box for several days now. He finally managed to fit his head inside it.”

We totally understand your pain pawsome cats. Everybody hates to go to the doctor. Everything will be alright soon. Don’t worry!


“When will this year get over? I really need my hooman to go for a vacation. It is so boring to look at his face the entire day. I don’t even get to organize my secret parties.”


When trying to hide from the vet, the cats can even agree to share their hiding places. A lot can happen over a visit to the vet.


“Finally managed to take my cat to the vet and he won’t stop staring at me. I am really scared to take him home now.”


This cat is doing really well. we are super proud of you, little kitty.


“Who is this cat? Why didn’t they put up my picture up here?”

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