10 “Catashians” Who Are Worth Keeping Up With


Cats are the most incredible pets on this planet. They are strange and full of weird ideas, yet they make sure that you are a part of each one of them. Even though cats pretend that they are selfish and don’t care for their hoomans, they can jump into water for their hoomans. Those who know cats know how huge this is for them.

Here are some cats that are worth going through all the trouble for. Have a look!


Staying close to the hooman, but away from water. One of the many ways that cats use to keep a watch on their hoomans.


“Is it not ready yet? I am super hungry. Can you check if we can eat it like this?”


Never go in the direction where a cat comes running from. There is definitely nothing right happening there.


Who wants to listen to a story? This is how the cats like to sit when it’s story time.

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This is it. Cat lord will save us from all the evil looming upon us. This cat is already in the process of summoning him.

Life is full of ups and downs. With cats by your side, those bumps get easy to get through. Cats are always watching out for you and keeping you out of trouble. And sometimes, you got to do the same thing for them also.


Who wants to go out for a hike? Definitely not the cat.


Don’t trust your cats around your infants. They may not be a huge fan of babies and may leave them with a scratch or two.


Meet the cat with long legs. Even the cat is himself confused how this happened.


This is what my cat does when he is super upset and doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Look at those eyes. They say it all.


Cats get really scared after you give them a shower. They might need a lot of pampering afterwards.

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