10 Cat Hoomans Left Their Cats At Home Alone And Totally Regretted It


Leaving your cats alone at home could be a little dangerous. They can make your home a complete mess if you left them in a bad mood. Not to mention that they will try to find the hidden stash of catnip while you are away.

Here are some cats that were left by their hoomans at home alone. Look at all the mess that they created. Maybe you want to reconsider leaving your cats alone at home.


When your cat find the hidden stash of catnip in your absence, this could be the expected result.


My cat had been missing for days and this is where we found him. Apparently, he wanted some alone time.


When you have two cats at home, you should be extra careful while leaving them alone at home.


When cats get angry with you, things can get really messy. You shouldn’t disobey your cat.

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“Came home to this and I am thinking of leaving them alone for some more time. Bye, cats. Have fun!”

Hoomans think that their cats are very innocent. But their true face is revealed when they are left alone. You can now judge what your cats have been up to behind your back. Your cats don’t trust you easily to reveal all their sides to you that easily. Only with time will your furry friends reveal who they truly are. Till then, you will keep on getting such surprises.


Be careful while giving your felines catnip. The results could be a bit dangerous.


“Left my cat alone at home for an hour and came back to this. I seriously don’t know what he was doing.”


Never ever lock your cat in a room whose door is too fragile to hold him.


“It has to be the cat. There is nobody else at the home. Did you invite your friends over while I was not here?”


My cat did this after I threw away his favorite box. I even replaced it with a new one, but it didn’t work.

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